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Only the services you need. Always the right price.



Turn-key Design &

For homeowners that prefer to turn the work over to someone else, we work in the tradtional sense by developing the a system that is right for client's energy needs and their budget. We strive to create the best renewable energy solution for the site and we maintain low overhead to provide the lowest cost turn-key integration. All of our systems are designed with monitoring so we can collectively see our impact and maintain our systems for the longhaul. 

Equipment Procurement & Self Installation 

Many solar installers make a living by churning through a large number of installations each week to pay a large staff. We prefer to stay local and assist our capable friends and neighbors who dream of going solar. We are happy to play a role as an equipment provider or an advisor in your installation and to allow you the satisfaction of being a active participant in the process.


Homeowners, non-profits, and business often have unique needs like having a third-party verify installer proposals. Developers and other installers sometimes lack the financial background to do a good job in translating the use of a generated credit. Collaborative Solar is happy to play a specific role outside of the three service areas mentioned and we have 30+ years of business experience combined with 6 years of various solar projects to accomplish your objective in a cost-effective manner. 

Project Development & Finance (for-profit and nonprofit)

For our investor clients or other installers who are looking for a third-party location for their installation or a place to invest in solar, we provide complete financials and the legal connections necessary to see your project through. Our experience also includes profit/nonprofit hybrids that produce a win-win for all involved.


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