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"I'd put my money on solar energy....I hope we dont have to wait for oil and coal to run out before we tackle that." -Thomas Edison, 1931
Predeveloped Solar Assets 

Community and Philanthropy are two of our primary objectives. Our team has developed many community-based solar projects and a few for-profit locations that often have a need for investment. Most of our community partners understand the need for a win-win and are often happy to subsidize the early years of the project or purchase the asset at fair market value later in the project life-cycle. This produces a good return on investment in a state with good tax benefits but horrible prices for clean electrons. 

Because NC does not allow third-party power sales, investments on larger facilities often receive just the "avoided cost" (a wholesale-like number) for their clean energy or about $0.06/kWh. That's half the street value of conventional energy! Our short term goal to overcoming this void is injecting voluntary dollars into the project exactly like NC GreenPower. If you owe tax, it's likely you could direct your tax bill to a exercise goodwill locally. Other benefits include an attractive rate a return on the inital capital you provide, reducing the stress on our environment, and community education.


We play an intermediary role between you and the nonprofit partner. We pride ourselves in sophisticated, comprehensible, and detailed modeling of your invesment as well as the 360 degree solutions adapted to each customer's individual needs. For more information on available projects, contact us today or 704-438-2222

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