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Installation Gallery

Please browse our portfolio to check out how we helped past clients and what we're up to now. (photos include projects with AIRE) 
Hrenak 7.5kW


This client is a very capable local builder who saved 25% by doing much of the work himself. The home will be virtually net-zero with 7.5kW of PV. The project features Solaredge optimizers &inverters, US-made Suniva Panels, and energy monitoring. 


Check out the production: 

Hrenak Solaredge 7.56kW

Summit STEP 21.4kW

As a public-private partnership, a local investor's needs were matched with a Jefferson nonprofit's desire to lower their operating costs. Summit Support Services undertook two installations at the same time: one that will provide here and now power relief and one that provides more modest income with no money down. In year ten, they will have the option to purchase the system at fair market value. The project is currently under construction and will be completed by the end of the year


Summit Admin 5.9kW

Summit Support Services past and present leadership wanted to lead by example by pursuing a grant to directly purchase a system for their administration building. This system, coupled with energy efficiency improvements, will take the office to nearly a net zero energy building. 


Check out their production

Summit Admin 5.9


Mollies Branch 5.3kW

Rob and Diane Griffith have been long time supporters of renewable energy and community-oriented intiatives.  In graduate school, our class installed installed a microhydro system on their farm in Todd, NC. After debating over a solar thermal system, the couple decided in favor of a simpler photovoltaic array that will provide 2/3 of the energy the use.  


Griffith 5.3kW production



Pennington 2.2kW

The personal project currently under construction complements the passive solar design and the NC-made Solarhot Panels already present. Equipment used includes Black on Black US-made Solarworld Panels. The system will be a sell all system with hopes that we can convince New River to pursure a net-metered option this year. We are working with Duke University to help make this happen. 

FIG Barn 3.3kW

FIG is a Valle Crucis-based, non-profit inititative who provides aspiring farmers with a place to learn and investigate a future in farming. The 3.3 kW is being built in conjunction with Appalachian State's ACT office of ASU.  

Haywood St Congregation 

This system takes advantage of NC legislation that allows donors to not only take a federal tax deduction but also claim the personal NC credit if giving to a 501(c)3 for purposes of constructing a solar system. With the credit and the charitable deduction, the donors will return about 60% of the orignal project capital they put forward for construction. The Asheville-based installation is provided by RDA(Renewable Design Associates of Asheville).

First Congregational 13kW

As an AIRE (Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy)-based project, this system is being constructed with a more complex, yet more beneficial model. The public-private partnership formed will allow a positive return on investment for contributors and ultimately 501(c)3 aquisition of the underlying system with little to no money up front. Sundance Power Systems is providing the installation in Black Mountain, NC. See for more information

Franklin UMC 15kW

Like Haywood Street Congregation, the church desired to keep things simple. Many donors came together to fund the project. All donors were eligible to claim the NC Credit and Federal deduction. Sundance Power Systems Partnered on the installation currently in progress.

Highland UMC 45kW

9 investors funded this AIRE model installation built by Inman Solar of Atlanta. This medium sized installation is a perfect match for the AIRE development strategy that requires a bit more legal work and accounting help. The ballasted system allows for no penetration in the roof membrane.

Elon Community Church

Two investors came together to fund this system also installed by Sundance Power in Elon, NC. Passive Activity income was necessary to harness the credits. The project structure used was also AIRE-based. 

Carrboro Farmer's Market 5kW

Early adoptors of the AIRE model were 5 noble residents of this wonderful town who came together to promote cooperation between the public and private. These investors helped us dial-in our process of a unique arrangement to produce a return for investors and a solar system a little to no cost for the farmers market. Sundance Power Systems partnered on the install.

Hospitality House Solar Hot Water

Using grant funds, the Hospitality House contracted AIRE to coordinate, RDA to design and Sundance Power Systems to install the 9 NC-made solarhot panels with a single, large storage tank. This drainback tank likely offsets 25-50% of the hot water needs depending on the season. The Appstate ACT students and staff provide significant funding and other support for the project as well. 

Plaag 4.7kW

Eric and Teresa comissioned Adrian Tait to design and Chuck Perry to build this modern, passive solar home just above the town of Boone. The original design incorporated PV to make for an easy installation and the size maximized current incentives. 


Check out their production

Plaag 4.7kW


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