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Put the sun to work for you and start saving
Enjoy a lifetime of energy savings

With Solar, you can reduce your home's carbon footprint without the need to change your lifestyle. Powering your home with solar allows you to become more energy independent and at the same time save money. Collaborative Solar offers custom designed, grid-tied photovoltaic systems on existing residential homes as well as during the course of remodeling/new construction.  Thanks to innovation in technology and financing, you can reduce your monthly expenses before considering the generous tax credits available.


Typical residential solar systems are sized between 3kW(~10 panels) to 15kW (~30 panels). Prices on average range from $12,000 to $30,000 for flush-mount roof application. Solar systems work by reducing the power you traditonally you purchase from your utility. As a result, your new bill is lower. The combined cost of borrowing for a solar sytem plus you new electric bill is typically lower than the old electric bill. However, the Federal tax credits/benefits take the price down by 30% or more. When it comes time to pay taxes, you further avoid what taxes you owe dollar for dollar.


Getting started is easy by taking these 5 simple steps:


1)Qualify you home- Give us a call and will we complete a remote analysis

2) Free On-site Survey - We come to you to educate and answer all of your question

3) Paperwork - Our team will custom design and handle everything before and after installation

4)Installation - We build your system to the highest standard using top-quality equipment

5)Power On and Save $ - Start saving while we handle the monitoring & arrange energy-audit



Installation of a typical residential system is relatively simple, and can be completed in most cases in less than a week. But, the overall timeline from start to finish is usally 3-4 weeks. Finally, all of our solar systems have 12 year warranties on the inverter and 25-year warranties on panels for peace of mine. Monitoring is included and it handled via the internet. We also recommend that each system be installed in parallel with an energy audit to save additional money


Unlike most solar companies, we are happy to help you install your own system. One of our main intentions is to get more solar in our region. We will gladly order the equipment as we can offer better pricing than you can get own your own, assist you with the building permit and interconnection application and provide the oversight and assistance with labor. This undertaking is for do-it-yourselfers who lack up-front capital and not for the faint-of-heart. Our electrician will still be required for the interconnection, but is always ready to help our community solarize itself. 


Give us a call 704.438.2222 or email to make the change today!



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